What does a barcode actually say? How to read a barcode without a scanner!

Nowadays, barcodes can be found on most sales packaging in retail. This is not surprising, as they make it much easier for retailers to monitor the flow of goods within the company. But what information is actually hidden in the black and white coding? With these methods, even private individuals can decipher the barcode!Barcodes: It is impossible to imagine everyday life without them!Barcodes are a completely common phenomenon in our modern world. They are printed on supermarket items, books and tickets, for example, and the coded information is read quickly and conveniently using a scanner at the checkout.

Over time, a variety of barcode variants have evolved for a wide range of living and production environments. The typical barcode variants for the retail trade are called EAN-8 and EAN-13, the number standing for the number of digits printed under the barcode. The barcode itself consists of bars of different widths.For various reasons, it can also be interesting for the end consumer to decipher the EAN code of a product before buying it. Maybe a price tag is missing on the product or as an ecologically interested consumer you would like to get some information about the product origin, manufacturer and product characteristics.

If you want to read a barcode yourself, all you need is a smartphone, tablet or PC, then you can use special software or a web service to decode the desired information.1st option: read the barcode with free softwareOn the Internet, you can find numerous free programs that allow you to read the encrypted data of a barcode in the supermarket quite conveniently using a smartphone or tablet. Simply download the corresponding app to your mobile device and you can immediately start decoding the barcode. Depending on the application, the EAN code must be photographed, saved as a pdf or, the most modern variant, the code is simply scanned with your camera and evaluated.2nd option: Read barcode via a websiteIf you do not want to install soft with advertising scan software on your mobile device, you can alternatively use the service of special Bsrcode reader websites. To do this, you create a photo or a scan of the EAN code you are interested in and then upload it to the website.

The website will then decode the code and display the information it contains within a few moments.Create your own barcodesIn the field of logistics in particular, the small barcodes have become an extremely practical tool. This is not only interesting for entrepreneurs, also for private purposes the use of barcodes is quite recommendable, because they help you to keep the overview. For example, barcodes can be very useful for recording and managing book or CD collections. If you want to use barcodes yourself on a small scale or just want to try out this technology, you can find a free barcode generator on the Internet in no time at all, with which you can create your own codes in a flash.

Simply enter your personal email address and the desired text in the appropriate fields and then confirm. The finished barcode will then be sent to you by email and can be used as you see fit.

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