The Top Online Retail Trends in India to Lok Out for in 2021

Thanks to the current state of affairs in 2021, many of us are understandably looking forward to what 2021 may have in store. The good news is that the Indian retail sector has fared relatively well when we consider the circumstances. However, one of the most impressive sectors of growth involves the online community. Whether you are considering a transition into the virtual world or you are simply curious to know where we may be headed, it is a good idea to examine some predictions as well as how these trends might impact the industry as a whole.2021: The Year of Augmented Reality?Many of us have heard of artificial intelligence (AI).

However, relatively few appreciate the advantages that augmented reality (AR) might have to offer. Augmented reality is particularly promising when applied to the online retail sector, as it provides the average use with a much more immersive experience. Here are some capabilities which augmented reality can provide:

  • Interactive tours of apartments for rent, homes for sale or business premises.
  • The ability to enjoy 360-degree views of specific products.
  • Customers can change the aspects of an item (such as a dress or t-shirt) in order to appreciate their different options.
  • Automated customer service solutions which are much more targeted and effective.
In the past, augmented reality tended to be reserved for larger firms due to its somewhat expensive price tag. However, more user-friendly systems are now coming into existence.

This signifies that even those with no technical experience can leverage the benefits mentioned above. This is also why a growing number of e-commerce providers are offering AR utilities within their standard customer service packages.All About the End-User ExperienceWhether referring to sites such as Comeon which offer gaming and sportsbook wagering or portals involved with the sale of physical merchandise, the fact of the matter is that success still involves the user experience (UX). Generic websites are quickly losing favour with the average consumer and this actually makes perfect sense when we remember that they average customer experts targeted solutions as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.Customisation is therefore king and 2021 should display an even greater migration into the sector of customer service. We are not only highlighting existing options such as a dedicated email address and a phone number.

On the contrary, more flexible methods are likely to be employed. AI-powered chatbots, personalised marketing emails and social media engagement can all spell the difference between success and failure.So, retail companies should already be planning ahead if they hope to make the changes outlined above. This does not necessarily have to take place within a short period of time. Many firms are instead choosing to roll out minor upgrades as time and finances permit.

Still, adopting a proactive approach at the present is the best way to ensure a smooth customer experience in the future. 2021 is already looking promising and many businesses are already looking towards the digital horizon.

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