The Coronavirus changes the crimes

Citizens confined to countries that have taken measures against the spread of the virus are experiencing a powerful change in their lives. Confinement is being key to changing the behaviour of all citizens, and this includes both those who fit their daily activities within the law and those who do not. Thus, many crimes have already been reduced to almost zero, while others have skyrocketed. Reports of drunken driving, for example, are becoming almost anecdotal as travel is limited and bars are closed.

Meanwhile, the bulky checkout counter that supermarkets repeatedly make in all countries that advertise confinement becomes a lure for robbery gangs.Similarly, in some areas such as industrial parks that are more deserted during the time the population is confined, they also become a hot spot for the interest of criminals who see their opportunity to loot in less well-guarded areas. Double-edged weaponsAll of this means that thieves and criminals in general see their behaviour change with new spotlights to attend to and some possibilities that are closed. However, if the confinement of the population empties some areas leaving free passage for the criminals, this same issue also presents itself as an added problem for their concealment.this is so because the main trick of the criminals to escape from the pursuit and arrest is camouflage among the ordinary citizens to go unnoticed among them. Nowadays, with empty streets, any walkers who wander around the city become a clear target of suspicion and will almost certainly be interrogated to determine the reason for their presence there.

Not everything will be advantages and facilities for thieves and thugs. This is the case with ill-treatment and abuse within the family. In a situation as delicate and dangerous as the one in which people who suffer this type of crime live in their homes, the only moment of respite is when the abuser is absent from work or other daily matters. The situation of anxiety and the deprivation of liberty is a high risk factor in triggering the violence of the criminal, causing the critical multiplication of the suffering of the victims, a high risk situation that deserves special attention from the authorities and institutions and yet becomes incredibly difficult to detect.

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