More than 1100 unemployed people from Huércal-Overa have already been taken care of by Andalucía Orienta

Andalucía Orienta, a job guidance service set up by the Andalusian Government, which has four technicians in the Employment Office in the town of Huércal-Overa, has presented its results for the first nine months of the year, which show a total of 1132 job seekers assisted in this centre in the town of Almería. These services have been provided mainly to unemployed people, whether or not they received a subsidy or allowance for that condition.


the beneficiaries of this employment guidance service, the majority have been women (685), out of the 447 men assisted. By training, these job seekers who required assistance to enter the labour market had some type of secondary education as a priority (714), above those who had hardly any primary education (298) and those who were studying or had completed university studies (120).These guidance services are not limited to individual guidance, which is carried out in a personalized manner, but also consists of group sessions within the so-called Prepara Programme. In these meetings, work is done specifically on improving the curriculum vitae and the cover letter, and training is done to prepare for possible selection interviews.

The training is completed by the study of searches through the Internet and even in the European Union area. This aspect is carried out in collaboration with the Eures Network, a community employment service.

The technicians of the Andalusian Employment Service inform and guide the unemployed

This network of units of the programme Andalucía Orienta in Almería, has a total of 75 technicians, of which 49 belong to the staff of the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), with whom it is possible to make an appointment through the Internet. Present in different guidance units and offices in Almeria city, Albox, Berja, Canjáyar, Huércal Overa, El Ejido, Roquetas de Mar, Olula del Río, Vélez-Rubio and Tabernas, they cover the whole territory of the province.

These technicians are in charge of informing and guiding unemployed people of any circumstance, whether they are young people, immigrants, disabled people, long-term unemployed, ethnic minorities or groups at greater risk of social exclusion. The individualized treatment of the case allows the design and implementation of plans with a greater chance of success.

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