How to prevent burglars from robbing your home

In recent years, burglaries have increased exponentially, perhaps due to the economic crisis, which has led some people to take drastic measures to survive. In any case, whatever the reason for these break-ins, the situation forces us to pay more attention than ever to the security of our properties. If you want one, you can contact a security company or compare the different devices on the market on the Internet. If you don't have a budget or simply want to do without a device of these characteristics, you can find more advice here:1.Do not leave valuable items on display.

But don't get too confident: don't follow this maxim only when you are going to have strangers in your house (plumbers, builders, carpenters...). Sometimes, objects that could attract the attention of possible thieves can be seen through the windows of the house. Therefore, keep the jewellery covered and leave the curtains drawn as far as possible, so that devices such as televisions or DVDs do not cause too much envy and cause you displeasure.2.Be especially careful if you have a glassed-in house next to the door: there is nothing easier than breaking the glass to gain access to the door handle. If this is your case, install safety locks and a double bolt , or safety glass that is difficult to break.

The more difficult you make it for would-be assailants, the better: the sooner they will give up or the longer it takes to raise the alarm with the police.3.Therefore, if you have a small house with a garden, spend time and budget to secure its perimeter. A valid option is to plant thorny bushes on the outside that deter thieves and also hide the patio and access to the house as much as possible. The less beautiful it looks from the outside, the less it will attract lovers of the strange. Inside the garden, do not use any elements that could serve as a hiding place: try to have a clear view from the inside of the house to make sure that nobody is hiding within the walls of your property.

With these simple gestures, plus the usual practices of always locking the door, warning your neighbours if you are going to spend long periods outside or warning friends so that the mail does not accumulate in the mailbox, you will see how the chances of being burgled are considerably reduced and you can live more safely and peacefully.

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