Filter results on your website or you will lose visitors

It is common to imagine that a web page, to absolutely raze to the ground on the Internet, has to be covered with thousands of products, services or content. But what may seem obvious is, in fact, a mistake in which you can commit the risk of losing a large number of visitors. Because although this idea is real, it is not so much that it can be maintained as a long-term philosophy without paying attention to another fundamental factor: the filtering of results. The specialists, both in online portals and in the e-commerce sector, have had the opportunity to experience in their own skin what it means to offer thousands of products without a filtering option.

The consequence was clear: the user who entered looking for something specific ended up getting desperate and left the web, eliminating the possibility of building up loyalty. When it comes to improving conversion processes, the absence of a filtering system has always been a big problem, but fortunately professionals are already checking the situation and have begun to work hard to ensure that this is no longer a problem for them. We can see this in an e-commerce giant like Amazon, where it is possible to filter the results based on various factors that allow the customer to customize the purchase that he is interested in making. This facilitates the search, since the user can determine factors such as the duration of the trip, the port or the shipping company.

The same kind of philosophy is applied in the online store Game, which offers the videogame fan a filtering system where he can specify the price range he is interested in paying or the type of edition he is interested in. Today's e-commerce clients and web users in general are betting on immediacy, on accessing what they are looking for as quickly as possible. And to achieve this, deep filtering systems that do not leave any relevant detail in the air must be made available to them. Today, pages, whether portals or e-commerce, that do not offer filtering are risking losing visitors and potential customers.

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