Casinos: their history from analog to digital

The history of gambling is already quite long and brings with it an incredible tradition, which we don't always think about. When you play in a digital casino, you have very simple and immediate access to something that gives you moments of pleasure and the chance to make the desired profit. These emotions always make us return to our favourite casinos, often through our mobile phone or computer. When we play our favourite, however, we don't always ponder that this is part of an ancient history and has a tradition that is literally thousands of years old.

The first record of gambling is so ancient that it was found in manuscripts dating from 500 to.The 4,000 years of casino history brings with it, internationally, many memories, which come from ancient Rome but also from China.Come and learn a little more about the history that would generate the digital casinos you know today.

A historical look at casino gamesThe

first records of card games come from China and are reminiscent of dominoes, being very different from the cards we know today in casino games. Historical records even say that these cards could be exchanged, just as today they are exchanged figurines. Baccarat accounts would come from European gaming rooms, like in France and Italy, in the fifteenth century, followed shortly after the creation of the game Blackjack. The reference to the latter, still with the name of the Spanish game that originated it - Ventiuna - is present in the famous Seventh Century narrative Don Quixote.

In Paris of the 18th century, Roulette would emerge, a game that gained international expression with great speed.

It was

precisely in the 17th century that Europe surrendered to gambling and began to open physical casinos, as we can exemplify with the exclusive Ridotto.The tradition would eventually permeate the world and there was, in Mississippi, the tradition of boats carrying players. The game would be linked to the statute and seen as a real activity for gentlemen.It would open and close several casinos around the world, the oldest still in activity opened in 1863 and is the famous Monte Carlo Casino. As you know, the

digitization of the gameHoje

is not only physical spaces that allow you to play your favorite casino games. The digital evolution of the end of the 20th century and the first decades of the 21st century have also motivated the passage of casinos to the online world.

Several entities that manage physical casinos have become, in this process, digital operators and, since the 90's of the 20th century, we have seen the appearance of several casinos on the Internet, with all the games we love: slots, roulette, table games and others. Its evolution has brought the practice of its players closer, adapting to new applications and allowing access from the cell phone.

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