A real corporate blogging strategy: Esdecor.com

If you want to learn how to attract and retain customers, don't miss this post! Today we show you a real example that has achieved this succulent objective thanks to two of the most successful online marketing strategies of our time: the corporate blog and the dissemination through social networks. Ready to know how Esdecor.com does it? Keep reading! Surely by now you are aware of the importance of having a corporate blog on your company's website in order to conquer your customers to the point that they cannot take their eyes off your updates. Didn't you know the great potential of blogs? Well, to tell this long story briefly, we will tell you that the interesting and constant content in your blog will make your clients pay attention to new publications and, consequently, they will trust you as a professional, since you will be showing yourself to the world as a true expert in the field. But, how does Esdecor.com do it? First of all, the blog follows exactly the same style as the website, because it is a part of us, so it must keep our same image.

But that's not all! If you check it out, if you access the blog from your mobile phone you will be able to enjoy all the low-cost decoration ideas of Esdecor.com without having to enlarge the screen or pass around jobs to read small letters, since, obviously, the blog's design is responsive. So far the technical part, let's move on to the content! If you look at Esdecor.com most of the products are low cost, which attracts a large number of customers, as most do not miss the opportunity to decorate your home for purchasing prices. But, not only that! The corporate blog of this decoration store contains multiple ideas and DIY tips that help users change the decoration of their home without spending much and with the help of their own hands.multiple simple step-by-step tutorials, new ideas, decoration tips, trends and even the opinion of other users who also love decoration are the keys to the success of this blog. Users get hooked on our tricks and take advantage of our products to decorate their homes the way they've always dreamed of without leaving a bundle behind.

And since we always offer new ideas, they always have something new to learn and, why lie, more than once also something new to acquire. Have you seen how Esdecor.com does it? Now it's your turn!.

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